HALO or Health and Learning Online is the Massage & Myotherapy Australia Online Learning Platform. The primary highlight of HALO is the accessibility available to a membership that may face challenges of participating in continuing professional education through geographical isolation and or limited time resources due to clinical commitments. To Learn more about HALO and your Mandatory module requirements, please click here.

Currently Available


Ethics in Practice Suite


Mandatory Module - Ethics in Practice

Profession and Professionals

Understanding Privacy

Law in Practice

Professional Conduct

Best Practice Draping Techniques

Best Practice Draping Techniques Thai Language

Best Practice Draping Techniques Mandarin Language


Massage & Myotherapy Australia Webcasts


Introduction to Counterstrain

Unlocking the Shoulder

Radial Nerve Entrapment

Sitting and Poor Posture

Assessment Strategies for Low  Back Pain

Fully Booked Without Burnout

How to Raise Prices and Still Keep Clients Happy

Fascial Therapy Approach to the Spine, Scapula and Thorax

Perspectives on Application of Technique for Complex Lines of Myofascial Tension

Altered Biomechanics to the Pelvic & Hip Region

Scapulae Dyskinesis & Associated Thoracic Hyper-Kyphosis

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) Applications for Pain Management

Treatment Protocols for Upper Cross Syndrome

Evaluation & Treatment of Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns - Upper Body

Eliminating Nerve Compression Patterns of the Lower Body


Others by Massage & Myotherapy Australia


An Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice

Introduction to Scientific Writing and Dissemination

Success with Integrity

Managing Chronic Pain Webinar Series

Fascia - the Mysterious World Beneath the Skin


Further Study


Aromatic Medicine for Muscles and Joints

James Waslaski's Integrated Manual Therapy for Complicated Shoulder

Assessment and Treatment of Postural Syndromes: Upper Limb Region

Assessment and Treatment of Postural Syndromes: Cervical Region

Assessment and Treatment of Postural Syndromes: Shoulder and Scapula Region

Assessment and Treatment of Postural Syndromes: Thoracic Region

Assessment and Treatment of Postural Syndromes: Elbow, Forearm and Hand

Assessment and Treatment of Postural Syndromes: Lumbo-Pelvic and Hip Region

The Importance of Research Capacity Building

Working within a Medical Model for Cancer Patients

Treating Hip Pain and Dysfunction Masterclass

James Waslaski's Treating Low Back Pain, SI Joint Pain & Sciatica

Pain Management 

Recognising Deteriorating Clients