Join Massage & Myotherapy Australia and ThinkTree Hub to welcome Australian and UK presenters in the inaugural 2023 Virtual Symposium, exploring health and wellbeing. Taking place across two evenings (UK mornings) and six sessions, this interactive symposium will introduce therapists to new concepts to help and support clients and therapists’ health and wellbeing across multiple modalities. This is a event that should not be missed, but if you can’t make the live date, register anyway to receive a recording of all six sessions.


Visceral Massage - The Missing Link

Jackie Tann
Friday 27 October 2023
5.30pm AEDT | 6.30am GMT

Discover how Visceral Massage can serve as the missing link in your treatments. You will learn what visceral massage truly entails and why it holds such importance in the field of massage therapy. By understanding the intricate relationship between the body's internal organs and overall well-being, you will recognise how visceral massage can serve as a powerful tool to address underlying imbalances and enhance the effectiveness of your treatments.


About Jackie Tann

Jackie has assisted some of Australia’s best athletes, international performers, and weekend warriors get out of pain, stay injury free, and manage their well-being for the last 16 years. A professional dancer for 12 years and a sports fanatic, her knowledge of anatomy and movement mechanics has assisted her in providing specialised massage and movement solutions for optimal performance.

A serial entrepreneur, Jackie is the host of The Bodies Built Better podcast that sees her chat with the world's leading experts in health, fitness and well-being. She’s also had the privilege of chatting with elite and amateur athletes on the trials and tribulations in the pursuit of greatness.

The heart of her work is centred on impacting lives through connecting with people and helping to improve their physical and/or emotional well-being. ‘My passion for this industry and the positive impact we can have on people's lives is what drives every aspect of my business, my studies and my personal development and growth.’

How to Calm Down the Digestive System

Leyla El Moudden 
Friday 27 October 2023
6.10pm AEDT | 8.10am GMT

Most practitioners are aware that gut health is critical – but what does that actually mean in real world terms? In this talk we will go through the basics of the digestive system, how to assess where any problems may be arising from, and some simple steps to assist to rectify the problem.


About Leyla El Moudden

Leyla is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist Practitioner, specialising in Gut Therapy. She is an industry acknowledged expert in the field of natural health – including – being an Executive committee member of British Ayurvedic Medical Council UK, a Contributing Editor to IHCAN magazine and providing expert advice and training on nutrition to Think Tree Hub, The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine), Yes To Life, a cancer charity and multiple media outlets – all on the subject of enzymes.

Why Our Thoughts Matter?

Kate Parish and Beth Cook
Friday 27 October 2023
6.40pm AEDT | 8.40am GMT

In this seminar we are going to delve into a discussion about the importance of the thoughts that we have and how these can shape our daily lives, and our future.

We are going to discuss what is happening in our brain and body when we have certain thoughts, and why it is that we may be having them. When our unconscious mind supports our goals and desires, well, we are on to a winner. And we can work with our conscious mind, to override the unconscious mind when we need to, and rewire old connections that may be holding us back. Also discuss ways in which we can work with our thoughts and actually rewire them so that they are working for us in a positive way. And yes, in this section we will also be looking at how positivity can be tiring, and to recognise when we need to give ourselves a break. 

This presentation will show you that our thoughts really do matter, and that, we can take full control of our thoughts when we need to. Our thoughts are hungry and want to grow – but we don’t need to feed them.



About Beth Cook

Beth is a qualified teacher with a First-Class Honours degree in Psychology, as well as being an Emotional Freedom Technique and Mindfulness Practitioner, trained in Understanding Mental Health, Life Coaching and a Growth Mindset advocate. Beth is also a qualified Nutritionist and owns her own Wellness company offering wellness advice, health testing and supplements. Beth has been teaching for over 15 years and has written and published many courses and books in the field of health and wellness. Her passion has always been supporting people in being able to live their best lives by taking control over their own overall wellness and mental health.

About Kate Parish

Kate is a qualified Primary School teacher, Mindfulness and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner as well as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, trained in Understanding Mental Health, Understanding Autism, Challenging Behaviour, Life Coaching and a Growth Mindset advocate with over 20 years’ experience working within the education and training sector. Kate has always been really interested in why some children and adults achieve and why others don’t and all of her wonderings have been answered as she has studied Neuro-linguistic Programming and how we work with our thoughts and emotions.

Pregnancy Massage - Meeting Multiple Needs and Empowering Women

Catherine McInerney
Saturday 28 October 2023
6.30pm AEDT | 8.30am GMT

Pregnancy Massage Centred Care, focus is on helping women be the best version of themselves as they prepare to become mothers. Pregnancy massage services caters to a range of needs, both physical and emotional, ensuring that women feel cared for and supported throughout their journey.

What women experience from Pregnancy Massage:

(Catering to various needs)

  • Physical, emotional, social and self-care.
  • Creates a safe and nurturing space for women.
  • Helps reduce feelings of isolation by fostering connections within the community.
  • Access to valuable resources for women's well-being.


(Despite the benefits, there are some limitations to consider)

  • Cultural diversity may influence the preferences and practices surrounding birthing.
  • Indigenous needs for birthing on country require specific considerations.
  • Poor health literacy can hinder access to pregnancy massage services.

Pregnancy Massage Centred Care is committed to addressing limitations and ensuring every woman receives the support and care she deserves throughout her pregnancy journey. By striving to empower birthing women and addressing their unique needs, through education and fostering connections within community; by providing the necessary support and resources. Together, we prepare women to embrace the beautiful journey of motherhood. 


About Catherine McInerney

Catherine is a pioneering figure in the field of specialised pregnancy, labour, and postnatal massage techniques in Australia. With over 25 years of experience in Women's Health Massage, she is the Founding Director of Pregnancy Massage Australia® established by Catherine in 2010.

Her vision is to establish massage as an essential component of perinatal care, emphasising the natural and comprehensive approach of the NurtureLife® massage experience, which offers a unique focus on support and therapeutic care. Throughout her career, Catherine's dedication to expanding her knowledge and expertise has led her to study the therapeutic benefits of massage during pregnancy internationally.

A strong advocate for research in prenatal massage, Catherine has contributed to multiple publications and is committed to furthering research programs, particularly in the perinatal period. Her expertise has led her to present at both international and national conferences and expos.

Catherine's passion for education has extended to training thousands of massage therapists from across Australia and the Asia Pacific region in her signature NurtureLife® method. This method focuses on supporting women through pregnancy, labour, and the postnatal period with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Catherine has also written extensively for industry journals and media publications. Previously, as the owner and director of her own College of Massage Therapy, she delivered Nationally Accredited Training Programs, earning respect from her peers and associates in the industry.

Ayurveda For Menopause

Dr Deepa Apté
Saturday 28 October 2023
7.05pm AEDT | 9.05am GMT

According to Ayurveda preparation is the key to success. Especially for Women. There are a lot of misconceptions around Menopause. Correcting these are essential to experience a flowing transition during this phase.

During this presentation, Dr Apté will discuss:

  • What menopause is, according to Ayurveda
  • Understanding effects of Doshas on Menopause
  • Easy to follow suggestions for the transition
  • Foods and Herbs for Menopausal transition based on individual presentations
  • Self-care, massages and Yoga
  • Preparing for the changes
  • Easy ways to identify if a woman’s body and systems are in line with nature and how to correct imbalances


About Dr Deepa Apté 

Dr Apté is a medical doctor, Yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic practitioner. She is the founder and director at Ayurveda Pura Ltd. She is also the founder of Ayurveda Pura Academy that trains people to become Ayurvedic practitioners, Ayurvedic therapists and Yoga teachers Dr Deepa is a former external Examiner for a Master’s degree accredited by Middlesex University.

In 2013 she was personally awarded the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award by CAMExpo, the UK’s leading exhibition provider for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and in 2014 the Outstanding Achievements Award at the APCTC (Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants).

She lectures widely on Ayurveda and Yoga (both in the UK and Germany) and regularly writes articles for, and features in, magazines and the press (e.g. 'Health & Fitness' magazine, 'She' magazine, Holland and Barrett's 'Healthy' magazine and 'Today's Therapist' magazine). After having run successful practices in India and Germany, she now runs her practice from The Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre, London where she offers Ayurvedic consultations, individual Yoga sessions and workshops.

The Difference Between Lymphoedema and Lipoedema and How We Manage Both

Susan Butcher
Saturday 28 October 2023
7.35pm AEDT | 9.35am GMT

Working in the massage industry for over a decade I’m sure like most of us you have come across clients with challenging shape legs with irregular skin changes mainly over their buttock, hips and legs. They may be sensitive to touch and unable to have any pressure placed on their limbs. This session will provide some of the answers why these people experience these symptoms and the difference between possibly having Lymphoedema or Lipoedema.

We will discuss how Lymphoedema and Lipoedema can be similar, but treatment is very different. Obesity has been the tag given for many Lipoedema people due to the medical profession struggling to understand the complexities of this condition. My aim at completion of this webinar is for participants to have a good understanding on the challenges surrounding diagnosis, treatment, and appropriate pathway to achieve a successful outcome. This webinar is for educational purposes only and doesn’t provide you the tools to treat people outside of your scope of practice.


About Susan Butcher

Susan has been a Lymphoedema Accredited Specialist with the Australasian Lymphology Association for 12 years. Working in the health industry for over 20 years. In that time there has been many developments in the way we need to treat and manage Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Venous Disease. Susan has treated patients with all varying degrees of lymphatic issues and knows firsthand how this effects the body, having a lymphatic dysfunction herself. Her vast knowledge in this field has seen her present abroad and nationally highlighting the changes and awareness required to improve outcomes.

Susan currently heads a team of therapists at The Oedema Institute – a comprehensive, state of the art clinic in Monash Melbourne, purpose built for the treatment and management of oedema associated issues. Leaders in education, treatment and expert fitters of compression and specialty garments.

Susan enjoys working with other health professionals and entities to highlight important issues and factors affecting the way we view Lymphoedema and Lipoedema in the health sector.