Certified Practitioner

Certification Program for Massage Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Myotherapists

Certification is a professional framework for consistent and reliable national Best Practice Standard and Quality Assurance for the Australian massage and myotherapy industry. 

The Certification Program provides:

  • Formal recognition of compliance with an industry Code of Ethics; conformity to a Best Practice Standard; and recognition of appropriate qualifications and skills pertaining to specific modalities of massage.
  • A transparent, consistent process of auditing and collecting industry data.
  • Protection of practice for Certified therapists through international copyright and trademarking of the scheme.
  • A facility to harness the diversity and creativity of therapists, and map the professional competencies, skills, and qualifications available to the health sector and patients.
  • A leading edge in giving consumers assurity of your professional status and an informed choice of therapist.

Becoming Certified takes place in three easy stages:

Stage 1

This stage involves completing an Application Form which includes submission of all mandatory records and evidence required to meet the standard. Items such as police checks, ABN, training level and currency of all requirements of Membership of Associations such as First Aid etc. The outcome of this stage will be whether you can move onto Stage Two.
Stage 2

Self-Assessment Workbook
This will involve completing a Workbook either by editable digital documentation or paper based and you will need to provide evidence of documentation such as Certificates and/or photos, evidence of items such as hygiene policy, privacy policy, etc. This is the most detailed part of the process.
Stage 3

Site Support Visit
This stage is where all documentation is completed and checked and will involve a visit from one or two trained Certification Site Support Assessors to your clinic to confirm information provided in your Self-Assessment Workbook, clarify any questions you may have and view your work space. This take between 45 minute to one hour so as not to disrupt your practice for long. 

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