The following is a guide only and is quite broad and not all points will be applicable to each Classified Listing. Massage & Myotherapy Australia reserves the right to remove any ad or refuse posting of ads on for any reason and at the Association discretion. If purchasing a Classified Listing online with a membership discount, all documentation will be made out to the individual member and not a company, the Association cannot change or alter receipts/invoices.

When posting a classified ad, it is important to attract the right type of person to the right type of role. Ads should be anywhere between 100 and 500 words, any less and the ad may not attract interest. Classified ads remain on the Massage & Myotherapy Australia website for two (2) months. 


  • Job Title (Therapeutic, Remedial, Sports, Room for Rent, Volunteers Required, ect.)
  • Contract details eg sub-contracting, salary, bring your own clients, busy clinic with many clients, etc
  • Location
  • Contact details eg name, email address and/or telephone number, website link (if you have one)


  • Using dot points
  • Simple Language
  • Be specific!
  • Tone and structure of the language
  • Anti-Discrimination laws, i.e ‘Men Only’.  You can review Australia legislation on anti-discrimination here



  • Role details (duties, skills and experience, room size, equipment available, ect.)
  • Benefits
  • Culture of the Clinic
  • Length of the role (ongoing, temporary, ect.)
  • Top selling points, this should be restricted to 3 or less.