Where to Find a Professional Massage Therapist

The following provides help in identifying and finding local professional massage therapists.

The Australian Massage Directory contains over 8,500 therapeutic therapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists. To find a qualified therapist in your area simply search by your postcode or suburb.

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How to Identify a Professional Massage Therapist

Qualified therapists generally use an integrated approach, drawing on a variety of techniques.

Myotherapists, and remedial massage therapists with the appropriate training, apply the higher-level skills required for advanced assessment and treatment protocols which are used for both therapeutic and remedial needs. For General Practitioners and other registered health professionals, Fact sheet 6 provides additional information about he qualifications and services of professional therapists

The qualifications, in relation to conditions treated by massage therapists and myotherapists, are listed in Table 1.

Condition Cert IV Diploma Advanced Diploma
or Degree
Muscular strain
Postural dysfunction
Neck dysfunction and pain  
Thoracic dysfunction and pain  
Lumbar dysfunction and pain  
Sacroiliac dysfunction and pain  
Shoulder dysfunction and pain  
Hip dysfunction and pain  
Tendonitis / Tendinopathy  
Muscular tare  
Reduced range of motion  
Palliative conditions such as cancer  
Neural tension    
Reduced fitness    
Reduced strength    

Table 1: Massage qualifications and conditions treated

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