Since 2003 Massage & Myotherapy Australia has been the leading not-for-profit hub for massage and myotherapy practitioners across the country. We're a brand of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Limited (AAMT).

What we do

Massage & Myotherapy Australia has a number of objectives and missions surrounding promoting and upholding excellence in the fields of massage and myotherapy, and allows consumers to make informed decisions around the options available to them.

1. Our directory

We have a directory of over 8,600 professional practitioners in Australia, an initiative that aims to permit the public to search for specific services, and find the best qualified member to deliver it. Our free referral system is an easy-to-use portal that gives the option of searching and comparing local massage and myotherapy services.

Our registered practitioners are required to hold a prescribed qualification, and to adhere to a strict code of ethics when delivering their services to clients.

2. Our code of ethics

Our code of ethics clearly lays out the professional conduct expected from our members in order to protect the general public as well as their own reputations. Every practitioner who joins our organisation must renew their commitment to the National Code, and continue to do so annually.

The code of ethics covers areas such as care standards, equality, confidentiality and maintaining appropriate therapist-client boundaries. It's based upon our core values of consistence, effectiveness, integrity, proactivity and respect. 

3. Our support

In cases where members of the public feel that practitioners have breached their trust or otherwise acted inappropriately, we firmly believe that consumers should contact the relevant authorities. This is important to maintain general trust in the industry, and to safeguard the people involved.

We work alongside health care commissions across Australia to respond to complaints and make it easier for consumers to access the necessary channels.

4. Our education 

We aim to educate people around the subjects of massage and myotherapy. This is important in allowing them to decide which services are most suitable for them, as well as what to expect from a massage or myotherapy session, and how to prepare beforehand.

In addition we ensure the effectiveness of ongoing training for professionals within the industry, meaning that quality will retained moving into the future.