Graduate training and postgraduate research are of significant importance to Massage & Myotherapy Australia and the industry. Competent therapists require access to information and postgraduate learning opportunities to become and remain current as practitioners of excellence.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia participates in research through our partnership with Australian Research Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) based at UTS, an innovative university in central Sydney. ARCCIM houses the only co-ordinated international research program dedicated to establishing and promoting the rigorous, critical study of massage and myotherapy as a topic of national and international public health and health services scholarship that aims to provide the broad evidence-base necessary to aid effective, safe health practice and policy development on this significant area of health seeking and practice. The scientific investigation of traditional, complementary and integrative medicine is important when addressing contemporary health systems and global health challenges.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia also supports the Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative (PRACI) the largest national practice-based research network for complementary healthcare practitioners in the world funded by Endeavour College of Natural Health. PRACI provides opportunity for researchers and practitioners to participate in studies that support productive communication and engagement between complementary healthcare practitioners and researchers, stimulating and developing a sustainable research culture within complementary healthcare in Australia.

Quality mentoring and support for a growing number of dedicated and promising early career researchers and increasing research literacy amongst practitioners is important to Massage & Myotherapy Australia and the Association continues to participate in research literacy, research projects and supports a culture of learning that deepens members understanding of practice whilst contributing to industry knowledge and standards.