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In order to offer Massage & Myotherapy Australia members quality educational programs. The Association has developed criteria for course approval, the programs and presenters listed below meet the Massage & Myotherapy Australia Endorsed Education Activities Program requirements.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia would like to bring to the attention that when considering any form of coursework from an RTO, a Massage & Myotherapy Australia Endorsed Education Activities Provider or any provider of education, that members read the terms and conditions thoroughly BEFORE registering and ask any questions about results, certification, refunds etc prior to payment.

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Contact Bradley Neate
Website www.lionsbreathwellness.com.au
Email info@lionsbreathwellness.com.au
Telephone (03) 9417 5407
Courses Held VIC
Course Name CPE Points
Dynamic Myofascial Mobilisation 30

Course Description

This technique utilises myofascial release, ligamentous strain, breathwork techniques, and long lever techniques to help release lines of tension and strain within the system. The body is dynamic unit of function. We approach the system with mind, body, and spirit in our awareness. We allow space for the emergence of emotion, pain, memory, and healing.

Upon completion of the lumbopelvic course students will:

1) Be able to assess the pelvis through its bony landmarks.
2) Preform a postural assessment and all special tests.
3) Be able to identify restrictions and apply technique in a rhythmic manner.
4) Understand the pelvic diaphragm and its basic release techniques.
5) Be able to release the iliolumbar, sacro tuberous, and inguinal ligament.
6) Appropriately chart evaluation and findings
7) Understand breath dynamics and techniques.
8) Understand joint kinesiology of the lumbopelvic region.
9) Be able to demonstrate proficiency in each release and apply clinical reasoning when deciding on a treatment plan.

Day 1: Anatomy/physiology, posture evaluations & special testing, ligamentous and osseous releases

Day 2: Treatment techniques and Breath Dynamics.

If you have any questions about the program please reach out to info@lionsbreathwellness.com.au. We look forward to learning with you.

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