In the health care environment, any sexual assault, inappropriate treatment or comment between providers and clients is considered professional sexual misconduct. This behaviour is unethical and an extreme breach of trust, and causes irreparable harm to the victims. This is not a single gender-specific concern as documented cases of same sex therapist/client misconduct have been recorded.

If you feel in any way that sexual assault or abuse has taken place, Massage & Myotherapy Australia strongly recommends that you contact one of the supporting organisations provided in the brochure below or by clicking 'Making a complaint' on the Association website. Discussing the matter with a trained counsellor in this area can help you clarify your complaint while supporting you personally.

If a client or patient of any health service provider reports an incident to you, he/she is entitled to make a complaint. The appropriate authorities are listed at the end of the brochure below. The client should also register a statement with his/her local police. Sexual Misconduct by any health service provider is against the law and should be reported.