Central to achieving a high level of positive rapport between clients and therapists is trust and respect built on high standards of client communication and massage and myotherapy practice.

A formal complaints process is provided for consumers and Massage & Myotherapy Australia members as part of our commitment to upholding the integrity of the profession and protecting the wellbeing of clients through an effective and transparent method of managing complaints.

The Complaints Guidelines provide the formal facility to lodge and record complaints against Massage & Myotherapy members.

Under Clause 6 (11) of the AAMT Constitution, if the Code of Ethics is breached or a member is otherwise engaged in conduct unbecoming of a member, the Board may take disciplinary steps against that person.

The Association may choose to act on a complaint or, if required, discipline members. All matters of a serious nature involving reportable misconduct such as alleged sexual assault or fraud are forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

To ensure that a complaint is dealt with appropriately, complainants must complete and lodge the Complaints Form and forward it to:-

The Chief Executive Officer
Massage & Myotherapy Australia
Level 8, 53 Queen Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
1300 138 872

As a touch-based therapy, the quality of interaction between therapists and clients is vital for the client’s wellbeing. In effect, the quality of this interaction shows how clients feel about, and benefit from, the treatment they receive and whether the experience is a positive one.

As the peak representative body for Massage Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Myotherapists in Australia, Massage & Myotherapy Australia provides a public service by maintaining a register of qualified member practitioners for referral and for responding to enquiries and complaints from the public. As part of this, our commitment to transparency includes recording and publishing reports on complaints received and the data collected. The reports provide an opportunity for the tertiary education sector to adjust and align ethical conduct and contributes to member education and training. The documents include:

For more information regarding making a complaint about a Massage & Myotherapy Australia member, please click on 'making a complaint' on the left-hand side of the website.