Update on Mobile Massage in Metropolitan Melbourne

Update: for more information about mobile massage in regional Victoria click here.

The Chief Allied Health Officer has confirmed that mobile massage services are allowed to operate in metropolitan Melbourne as long as all proper hygiene and infection control protocols are being adhered to.

However, there is one further restriction that mobile massage therapists and their clients need to adhere to: a visit by a mobile massage therapist to a residence counts as that residence's one permitted visit per day. (Note: this does not mean that a mobile massage therapist can only visit one residence per day, but that a residence is only allowed to have one permitted visit per day, including from a mobile massage therapist.)

Mobile massage therapists in metropolitan Melbourne will need to inform clients that your visit to them is counted as their one permitted visit per day. We also advise updating your informed consent to ask if there have already been any visitors to the residence on the day of treatment.

The Association is monitoring the situation and the Government notifications on a daily basis and will continue to update members accordingly.

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