To view updates relevant to individual states and territories, please visit our COVID-19 Updates by State page. For a list of Association COVID-19 updates, support sites and other resources, please visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre.

This is a list of frequently asked questions we have received from members regarding COVID-19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I treat?
Routine services have resumed in all states and territories. For the most up to date information on your state or territory, please visit our COVID-19 Updates by State page.

Who can I treat?
Routine services have resumed in all states and territories.

Are there any time restrictions on treating?
There are no time restrictions on treatments in place.

How long do I need to wait between each client?
There is no set time you need to wait between each client.

What level of hygiene and infection control do I need to maintain when treating?
The Association recommends the free COVID-19 Infection Control Training Module provided by the Department of Health for more information. Members can claim 5 CPE points for completing the module.

What questions should I add to my Informed Consent form?
If you have not already, consider adding the following questions to your Informed Consent form:

  • Have you felt any feverish symptoms or experienced any coughing in the last 48 hours?
  • Have you travelled overseas or been in contact with anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days?
  • Have you recently been named a close contact of any confirmed COVID-19 cases?

Watch our video with Dr Norman Swan to learn more.

What PPE is required for treating?
In some settings, such as
certain Allied Health clinics, face masks are required. Please see our COVID-19 Updates by State page for the latest updates in your state or territory.

What financial assistance and support is available?
A list of external
 support websites can be found in our COVID-19 Resource Centre.

What is my Association doing to help its members?
We have deferred financial members' renewal fees for three months, effectively providing an additional three months of membership. We also provided a number of free webinars as well as free and discounted HALO modules to assist with CPE compliancy. For more information, please visit our
 Member Care Package webpage.

Does my insurance cover for COVID-19?
This depends on your insurer and coverage. We recommend discussing this with your insurer directly.

Can I operate my mobile service?
Yes, mobile services are now permitted in all states and territories.

Can I massage out of my own home?
Yes, treating out of home-based clinics are now permitted in all states and territories.

I work in an Allied health clinic. Am I Allied Health?
Remedial massage therapy and myotherapy are not registered health practices and hence are not considered an Allied Health or medical service under the relevant legislation regardless of how you practice. In some states and territories, there are additional rules and restrictions on Allied Health clinics. Please visit our COVID-19 Updates by State page for more information.

Are the Private Health Funds still providing rebates?
Every Private Health Fund is currently providing rebates as normal. A full list of Private Health Funds can be found in the
 Membership eKit.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the process of providing medical care and advice by phone or online video call. Visit the Department of Health website which provides some definitions of what constitutes telehealth services.

Is Telehealth a viable option for massage therapists?
This is entirely up to you and your situation. Please note that the Private Health Funds have confirmed that they will not offer rebates for Telehealth.

Why am I not getting these updates by email?
We are sending all relevant updates to members by email. If you are not receiving them it is possible that they are either going to your junk folder or you unsubscribed from the emailing list at some point. To ensure you are signed up for email updates, log into
our website and access our member portal. Then under 'Membership Tools' select 'Manage My Communications'. Make sure the box next to 'Important Info from your Association' is ticked.

Another possibility is that the email address you have registered with is no longer current. To double-check the email address you have registered with us, log into our website and then click 'Update Personal Details' in the member portal.

Why hasn't my Association told me whether I should be open or closed?
From the start, it has been the Association's view that we are not in a position to be able to tell our members whether they should be open or closed, nor is it our place to do so. The circumstances of every one of our members is different. Only you know your circumstances of you and your business and are able to make that decision.

The Association cannot, and will not direct members to close their business unless Government directives demand it. It is the responsibility of each member to consider their clients, their vulnerability and own health based on the information within the health updates and make an informed and educated decision on their own individual risk assessment.

The Association will inform members of any directions issues by the Department of Health in each state.

My state says I can reopen but I do not feel comfortable doing so at this time. Am I required to reopen?
You are under no requirements to reopen if you are not comfortable doing so. All of our members live in different circumstances. You need to make the decision that works for you and your business and you should only go back to treating clients you feel comfortable doing so.

My employer is forcing me back to work, what do I need to do?
The Association recommends, if you haven't already, that you should have a discussion with your employer outlining how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with the prospect of returning to work. If your employer is still demanding that you return to work against your wishes you are within your rights to contact the
Fair Work Ombudsman.

Where can I find COVID-19 awareness posters for my clinic?
To download the 'Ensuring a Safe Environment' posters and Social Media Tiles
click here (to access this page you must be logged into our website.) There are also a number of great resources on the Australian Government Department of Health website including posters. These posters can be found by clicking here.

Where can I renew my First Aid?
Provide First Aid courses (HLTAID011 and HLTAID003) are running and available.

Am I required to check the temperature of my clients before they enter my clinic?
Temperature checks are not a requirement but may be implemented at the clinic’s discretion. If you are considering implementing temperature checks in your clinic please consult your state or territory’s health department on the appropriate measures that need to be taken. Please note that temperature checks are not replacement for physical distancing and hygiene and infection control requirements.

Will using creams or massage oils on my hands be able to replace regular hand washing?
There is no evidence to suggest that creams or massage oils can be used as an effective substitute for properly washing your hands with soap and water. Watch our video with Dr Norman Swan to learn more.

Where can I find information about treating clients who have previously had COVID-19?
Our partners at
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) have given us permission to share an article on this topic with our members. The article, COVID-19–Related Complications by Ruth Werner, has been written to inform therapists on what they need to know about treating clients who have previously contracted COVID-19 by outlining the possible long-term complications that can be caused by the virus and break down the implications for massage therapists.

The article is available for members to access for free in the member portal of our website, or by clicking here (you must be logged into our website to access this page).

Where can I find information about treating clients with Long COVID?
Massage & Myotherapy Australia is proud to provide members access to an article with permission from our partners at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). The article, ‘Unpacking the Long Haul: What you need to know about massage and long COVID’ by Ruth Werner, has been written to inform therapists on what they need to know about treating clients who are affected by long COVID, including the risks of treating a client with long COVID and what aspects of long COVID match the benefits that massage therapy can provide.

The article is available for members to access for free in the member portal of our website, or by clicking here (you must be logged into our website to access this page).

Vaccine-specific Questions

Can I treat a client who has recently had the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine?
Massage & Myotherapy Australia recommends therapists along with their clients make an informed decision regarding the risk factors of clients who have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have advised that people who receive the COVID-19 vaccines should be aware of common side effects. The instances of someone developing a rare clotting complication have occurred between 4-20 days post-vaccination. If your client has received an AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination within 20 days of proposed massage therapy, remedial massage therapy or myotherapy treatment, the Association recommends you discuss risk factors with your client. Massage & Myotherapy Australia also recommends members remain vigilant not only with respect to COVID-19 vaccinations, but as a general rule regarding contraindicators. For more information on the TGA’s response to links between COVID-19 vaccines and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, please
click here. For more information on COVID-19 vaccines in Australia, please click here.

Where can I learn more about vaccines?
In response to members' questions about the COVID-19 vaccine/s, Massage & Myotherapy Australia has collected information and provided sources that addresses some of these questions, including possible side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, the difference between Pfizer and AstraZeneca, and the benefits of immunisation, to name just a few. This resource is available to members only and can be downloaded on the Massage & Myotherapy Australia website. To learn more
click here.

How do I book a vaccine appointment?
You can book through a GP, state-run clinic or pharmacy. 
To find available appointments click here. Many pharmacies also offer vaccine appointments now.

Am I required to send my proof of vaccination to the Association?
The Association is not collecting vaccination certificates from members and proof of vaccination is not a membership requirement.

Am I required to be vaccinated in order to treat National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) clients?
For more information about vaccination requirements when treating NDIS clients in your state or territory
 click here.

Am I required to be vaccinated in order to treat in a residential aged care facility?
It is the Association’s understanding that massage therapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists who treat clients in a residential aged care facility must notify their employer of their vaccination status. For more information
click here.