Sunday 23 May 2021
Time Session Details Presenter Feature title
8.30am 9.30am
  • Exhibitor Showcase
Conference Exhibitors

2021 International Virtual Conference Exhibitor Showcase

9.30am 10.45am

  • Welcome
  • Presentation followed by Q&A

James Waslaski

Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Lower Body

10.45am 12pm

  • Presentation followed by Q&A

Ruth Werner

Chronic Pain and Massage

12pm 12.30pm

  • Live session via Zoom

Cathy Ryan and Cal Cates

Lunchtime Live  Join the Conversation

12.30pm 1.45pm

  • Presentation followed by Q&A

Whitney Lowe

What's True and Why Does it Matter?

1.45pm 3pm

  • Presentation followed by Q&A

Robert Libby

Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique

3pm 4.15pm

  • Presentation followed by Q&A

John Gibbons

Functional Anatomy & Pathologies of the Shoulder Complex 

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