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The Introduction to Structural Integration

Date 23/06/2024

This workshops is for any therapist who would like to learn how to deliver the first session in the Structural Integration series. The foci of the class are to balance the pelvis and free the breath. At the conclusion of the workshop you will know how to identify two common structural patterns, flexor and extensor types, and how to provide a stand-alone treatment that responds to the specific tensions and strains associated with each one.

Member: $190.00
Non-Member: $212.00

Understanding Podiatry and the Massage Therapist's Role in Treatment

Date 17/06/2024

The aim of this lecture is to give therapists a detailed understanding regarding the role of podiatry in the assessment and management of lower extremity musculoskeletal pathologies. In addition to this understanding, the lecture will outline how massage therapists, myotherapists and podiatrists can work collaboratively in the management of an musculoskeletal injury/complaint.

Member: $35.00
Non Member: $55.00

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