Assessment Strategies for Low Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain is tough to treat because there is a lot to consider in diagnosing and it is an expensive burden on governments and the medical fraternity to treat.The research tells us that 90-95f LBP has no clear diagnosis - and that opioid use is less effective than first thought - and that researchers are now discussing the role of non-pharmacological therapies such as massage and exercise, including tai chi, pilates and yoga, as effective adjunct treatment interventions for this area.

About the  Presenter 
Aran Bright has been a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2002. Since then he has completed training at Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate level, in Massage, Manual Therapies, Sports and Health Sciences. He currently teaches in the Myotherapy program at Q Academy in Queensland, runs two separate massage businesses in Brisbane and provides online training for Massage and Myotherapists with Bright Health Training. His current focus is to see the development of the Massage and Myotherapy industry that has achieved great steps in recent times.

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