Altered Biomechanics to the Pelvic & Hip Region

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In this online module, presenter Rob Orr will take you through a series of chapters relating to the biomechanics of the pelvis and hip, including muscle firing pattens and/endurance. Rob will conclude the presentation discussing specific muscle-skeletal conditions associated with altered biomechanics of the region.

About the Presenter 
Rob Orr is a clinical myotherapist and one of only 170 credentialed McKenzie Therapist in Australia. Rob specialises in acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain of the spine and the extremities, sciatica, musculoskeletal injuries related to sport and altered bio-mechanics, corrective exercises, functional stretching, and client education/self-management. He has been practising Myotherapy and lecturing in this field and related fields for over 15 years in Australia and New Zealand, and presenting webinars domestic and internationally. Rob currently works in private practice and lectures at Victoria University Polytechnic. Rob is passionate about continuously updating his knowledge with the most current evidence-based research.