Understanding Privacy

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Massage therapists must negotiate complex inter-relationships in regard to duty of care, ethical behaviours and personal values in the context of delivering high quality care to clients. Given the interaction between consumer protection and health complaints legislation, public health legislation and the common law principles that apply to a treating practitioner/client relationship, it is essential practitioners have a sound understanding of the complex regulatory environment in which they work (CSHISC, 2015, p.11).

Because of the personal nature of massage treatments, privacy and confidentiality are paramount in clients' minds. Understanding what it takes to ensure a high level of protection for both therapist and client requires that the massage therapist take into account all of the following:

  • Legal provisions for maintaining client and therapist privacy, confidentiality of treatments and client records.
  • Professional expectations regarding aspects of advertising, claims of efficacy and implied or actual contracts of treatment.
  • Working within a recognised scope of practice.

Please note, you have 60 days to complete 3 units within the module.

> Informed Consent and Right of Refusal course
> Privacy, Confidentiality and Disclosure course
> Regulation and Scope of Practice course

On successful completion you can request a certificate and claim 20 CPE points.