Updated Private Health Fund Guide

Massage & Myotherapy Australia has updated the Private Health Fund Guide document. To download the updated Private Health Fund Guide click here.

Changes to Australian Unity receipting

The most important change to Private Health Fund numbers that Remedial and Advanced Members need to be aware of is with Australian Unity, who no longer require members to contact them directly to receive unique provider numbers for new clinics.

In future, receipts for clients with Australian Unity will require:

  • A minimum of three identifiers are required to be present on the account/receipt to identify the provider
  • Identifiers must include the provider’s name and practice location and any one of;
    • provider number – i.e. AAMT12345 (where 12345 is your member number)
    • phone number
    • practice name
    • association number
    • ABN

If you have already received a unique provider number from Australian Unity for any of your active clinics, please continue to use those same provider numbers as before. Member details will continue to be administered to Australian Unity on the 10th and 24th of the month.

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