NSW workers compensation Massage Therapy Fees Order update

SIRA wishes to advise that there has been an amendment to the Workers Compensation (Massage Therapy Fees) Order 2024. SIRA has updated the Fee Order to reflect the amount as per below. The new rates are effective from 1 March 2024.

Item 2023 Rates

2024 Published Fee Order
1 February 2024

2024 Updated Fee Order
1 March 2024

RMA001 $90.20 $91.90 $95.10
RMA002 $67.60 $68.90 $71.30
RMA003 $45.30 $46.20 $47.70

All updated fees orders and Fees and Practice Requirements documents are available on the SIRA website under the Current health-related fees on the List of SIRA publications page.

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