WA Perth, Peel and South West Transition out of Lockdown Update

Last night, the Western Australian Government announced its plans for the end of the lockdown currently in place in Perth, Peel and South West. These current restrictions are still planned to be lifted today, 5 February at 6pm AWST in full in South West and partially in Perth and Peel.

From 6pm today, therapists in South West will be able to return to routine services exactly as they were pre-lockdown. Therapists in Perth and Peel will also be allowed to return to routine services but therapists, clients and staff are required to wear masks for an additional eight days, ending Sunday 14 February at 12.01am AWST.

An additional requirement for people entering clinics in Perth and Peel is that it will be mandatory for individuals to check-in at businesses. This is in addition to the contact register that the clinic will already be keeping.

For more information about the planned easing of restrictions, click here.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia will continue to monitor the situation and notify members if there are any changes to these directions.

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