Medibank and ahm Changes to Ancillary Billing Standards

Massage & Myotherapy Australia has been advised by Medibank that their Ancillary Billing Standards have been updated. From 1 April 2021, Medibank and ahm will require electronically issued or printed invoices/receipts for eligible Approved Providers to offer a rebate.

You can review the updated Ancillary Billing Standards for Medibank and ahm by clicking here.

What does this mean for therapists?

Eligible Medibank and ahm remedial massage therapists and myotherapists will no longer be able to issue clients handwritten or stamped receipts. All invoices and receipts must be electronically issued or printed. For examples of what receipts should look like, please review the Massage & Myotherapy Australia Health Fund Guide.

If you have any further queries regarding what this means for you or your clients, please contact the Medibank Provider Helpdesk directly.

PLEASE NOTE – The office of the Medibank Provider Team will reopen on 18 January. Any Medibank requests you have with us will only be processed then.

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