Queensland Update on Restricted Activities

We continue to advocate on your behalf – our members, our community.

Together as industry associations, Massage & Myotherapy Australia, ANTA, ATMS and MA have been working on behalf of our members, asking all state and territory governments to clarify whether remedial massage and myotherapists can continue to practice during Coronavirus restrictions.

One by one, governments have come back to us with clarifications on the working status of healthcare services, such as remedial massage, myotherapy and soft tissue therapy to continue caring for patients.

Yesterday, the Queensland Government responded to our member advocacy and clarified that these services may continue to operate. Their updates to the directive can be found here.

We are still working together for clarification from SA. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Association also reminds members who continue to treat to always maintain vigilant hygiene and infection control. For more information, see our video with Dr Norman Swan.

If you have not already completed it, the Association also recommends the COVID-19 Infection Control Training module provided by the Department of Health. Members who complete this course can claim 5 CPE points.

We will keep you updated as new information comes to hand.

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