WA COVID-19 Update

Update: The WA COVID-19 coronavirus: Community advice webpage now states that 'There are no restrictions on the provision of remedial massage therapy, as long as such treatment is not provided from an "affected place" e.g. a massage parlour or a gym.'

Over the Easter weekend we received clarification that members in WA are permitted to provide professional services at this time. This information was provided by the WA Police Force Liaison for the COVID-19 Response.

If for any reason you are approached by Police or any other authority and instructed to close your practice, please provide a copy of the below statement to that authority.

We also strongly encourage you to please complete the Australian Government COVID-19 Infection Control Training, if you haven’t already. Click here for more information.

Notification of clarification of the ruling in WA and those that have occurred in other states have been achieved as a result of the efforts of the Combined Association initiative between ANTA, Myotherapy Association Australia, Australian Traditional Medicine Society and Massage & Myotherapy Australia. We thank you for continuing to support the work that your association is doing at this time, and stay united as a community of health care providers.

In Western Australia, massages that are provided through professional services like physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists are not currently prohibited by the Closure and Restriction (Limit the Spread) Directions made by the State Emergency Coordinator on 7 April 2020.

WA Police Force Liaison to State Health Incident Coordination Centre | Covid 19

Members are reminded it is their choice to remain open or closed. Risk factors must be considered depending on your own personal situation and the risk factors of those around you.

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