Joint Associations Easter Update

It certainly has been a challenging time for our profession over the past few weeks.

We hope that you can find confidence in the fact that four major associations are continuing to work closely in an effort to obtain more clarity on government directions, greater unity within our industry, and a stronger positioning of our members as important contributors to the health care setting.

Every day presents us with a new challenge to tackle. We know that some of you are grappling with your decisions to close or not close your practices at this time, while others have been directed by their state government to close due to local restrictions.

Please note that we are working constantly to ensure you have the most current information available, and that the relevant stakeholders in the various government departments are well informed of the services being provided by our members and the benefits that they provide the community. It is at times like this that being a member of an industry association that exists to support and advocate for its members is most important, and we take that role very seriously. Thank you for your faith in us and for allowing us to work for you at this time.

As we approach the Easter weekend, an Easter like no other we have experienced before, please remember to keep supporting your colleagues, industry, friends and family, be respectful, patient and kind. We are all in this together and will come through the other side stronger, united and proud for the remarkable services our industry provides.

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