Opportunity to let more people in need know about your services

Did you know that the lack of awareness and knowledge are two of the main barriers to changing behaviours?

Changing behaviours is difficult, but in the health sector it is particularly difficult, especially with older people.

The complex relationships between the range of illnesses and ailments that can afflict patients, and the multitude of clinical treatments and complementary services available, create a systemic gap between what is available and the knowledge and awareness of patients about what action to take.

This means that information should be readily available to inform people about massage and its benefits.

A space at the back of the GP Massage Brochure now available for you to purchase, allows you to include your information and distribute your own branded brochures throughout your local community.

To find out more or order your brochures visit the Massage & Myotherapy Australia website and order them online at

Do not contact your local GPs as they should have received the massage brochures already.

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