Nothing better than a local tonic

Did you know that on average your local GPs will see over 720 patients for musculoskeletal conditions each year?

For hypertension it’s more than 300 patients; back complaints more than 120, and osteoarthritis over 100 patients each year.

With 76% of GPs surveyed referring patients to massage therapists regularly, it follows that local GPs provide the potential for around 956 referrals to local musculoskeletal or body work services each year. That could be your practice.

Even if say 16% of GPs refer a patient, or 16% of patients were to take a massage and myotherapy brochure and see a therapist, referrals to local therapists may increase each year by 155 clients per GP as a result.

It is very easy to get involved in this national Massage & Myotherapy Australia GP brochure program.

To get your tonic started, just go to

Remember do not contact your local GPs as they should have received or will receive the massage brochures shortly.

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