New President and Board 2018

Massage & Myotherapy Australia welcomes the new Board elected after the Annual General Meeting and congratulates new President Andrew Gallagher and continuing Vice-President Rebecca Byrne.

As both Director Alexis Watt and immediate past President Paul McCann retired at the end of their respective terms, Steven Wescott and Andrew Gallagher have filled those vacancies for an initial three-year term each. Steven has an extensive background in practice, commencing as a Massage Therapist in 2003 and qualifying as a Myotherapist in 2006. Steven has also taught within the college system. Andrew is a Massage & Myotherapy Australia Life Member and studied massage in 1980 to complement his qualifications in physiotherapy. Both Directors have a strong passion for the industry and its growth in massage, myofascial and musculoskeletal practice and bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the board table.

Andrew Gallagher will lead the Board for the next two years. He said, ‘Having been involved in the massage industry for over 35 years as an educator, clinician and life member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia, I feel I have the depth and breadth of experience to provide the organisation with the leadership to take it into the future. Over the last 10 years in particular, our industry has matured, developing a level of sophistication that places it in a position whereby through the contribution we already make to the health and wellbeing of the Australian community, we can further leverage through collaborative undertakings with other health professionals. My approach is to guide this process to realise the ultimate goal where by Australian health consumers consider massage and myotherapy as mainstream options when considering their health care choices’.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia congratulates the new Board and looks forward to launching the membership research required to initiate the next Strategic Plan.

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