March 10, 2017

Massage & Myotherapy Australia has been advised that The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has launched new resources available on the MoneySmart website to help young people thinking about small business.

This is an excellent resource for students who are beginning to consider their future in the sector and how to run your own business.

  1. ASIC's First Business online module – designed to help students decide whether small business is right for them
  2. ASIC's First Business app - helps students prepare for the practical aspects of running a small business

The First Business online module includes eight sections and covers getting started, business planning, budgeting, tax requirements and insurance. Each section includes a scenario to put everything in context and help develop business ideas, and an activity to apply new knowledge.

The First Business app helps prepare young people who have decided to start their own business. It includes sections on keeping track of the requirements for running a business, developing business networks and case studies. It also saves and compiles useful websites and information on starting a business.

The resources support the delivery of FNSFLT401A Be MoneySmart through a career in small business.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia encourages students and members who are considering building their own business to access the resource.

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