SA Update on Mask Wearing

15 December 2020

SA Health have updated their website, from 23 December, 'masks will no longer be mandatory for people present in health care settings or people working in personal care services'.

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Further Update on Home-Based Clinics in Victoria

11 December 2020

There has been a further change in directions for home-based clinics in Victoria. 'Home-based businesses no longer require a discrete work area in order to operate, subject to the restrictions of their industry.'

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Complaints in Massage Therapy Report

10 December 2020

The Association has released the latest version of the Complaints in Massage Therapy report. This important document analyses complaints the Association has received over a four-year period to uncover shifting and developing trends in our industry.

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Update on Mask Wearing in Victoria

8 December 2020

The Association has confirmed with the Department of Health and Human Services that under the current directives, it is still a requirement for massage therapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists to wear a mask while treating in Victoria.

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SA Update on Cloth Masks

7 December 2020

SA Health have updated their advice on mask wearing. It is now acceptable for massage therapists, clients, staff etc., to wear reusable cloth masks instead of single-use surgical masks.

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