CPE takes you beyond how to massage basics

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a crucial aspect of working as a professional massage therapist in Australia. While learning how to massage is the foundation of your practice, there are significant CPE requirements that you must adhere to in order to meet industry standards.

Not only that, CPE is an important and rewarding way to keep improving your skills base, professional network and professional opportunities.

These FAQs are designed to answer your CPE questions. For other questions regarding the basics of massage therapy, how to massage, courses of study that are available, please see other pages on this website, or get in touch with us directly.


CPE Diary

Do I need to update my CPE Diary every time I complete a CPE Activity?
AAMT recommends that you update your CPE Diary online every time you complete a CPE Activity to ensure that your points are current.

Do I need to send in to AAMT Office evidence (invoices, receipts, certificates etc) to prove my CPE activities?
No - but please keep on file yourself, in case of random auditing from Health Funds or AAMT Office.
What happens if I do not update my points?
If you do not have your points up to date your details will not be forwarded to the Private Health Insurance Funds. As you are aware, it can take up to 4-6 weeks for your details to be reinstated with the Private Health Insurance Funds.

CPE Points

I haven't sent in a CPE Diary to AAMT office yet, but I have 30 CPE points - why?
When you join AAMT as a Massage Therapist you are automatically allocated 30 CPE Points. This was decided by AAMT Board so that members could concentrate on establishing their business in the first year of membership.

I haven't sent in a CPE Diary to AAMT office yet, but I have 40 CPE points - why?
When you join AAMT as a Remedial Massage Therapist you are automatically allocated 40 CPE Points. This was decided by AAMT Board so that members could concentrate on establishing their business in the first year of membership.

How do I know how many points I have?
Notification of your points total is sent annually in your membership renewal notice as well monthly in the AAMT E-Newsletter. You are also able to see your points balance via the member only log in.

How do I know how many points I need to complete?
Massage Therapists are required to gain 30 points per annum and Remedial Massage Therapists are required to gain 40 points per annum. Your record in your member log in will indicate your current CPE Points Balance and also how many points are valid for the next one month and three month period. Members should be aware that they are required to have 30/40 points current at all times.

How do I know when my points will expire?
CPE points are calculated from the date you complete a CPE Activity and are valid for 2 years. For example if you complete a full day Workshop on 25/06/2010 then the 10 CPE points for this activity are valid until 25/06/2012. This requires a very different mindset to how points were calculated in the past as rather than thinking about CPE points accruing and then expiring every three years, AAMT members must now have 30/40 CPE points current at all times.
The system calculates your current total points on any given date by looking back over 2 years at the completion date of each activity and adding together the points from those activities.
It also gives you a total in one month's time as well as three months time so if at any time the total is below 30/40 points you will know that in the near future, you will need to complete some more ongoing education activities and/or update your points.

Why did the administration of CPE points change?
Administrative changes to CPE were implemented to support the AAMT Vision - "To Lead and Support the Massage Industry"and Mission "'To support a diverse membership through open communication by facilitating quality education and training, research, industry leadership and growth" as well as meet the National Health Funds requirement and legislative change (effective 1 July 2009) that Continuing Professional Education for Massage Therapists in Australia reflects an ongoing professional commitment by Association members to remain informed, educated and recognised providers of massage therapy in Australia.
The amount of points required has not changed for AAMT members and remains an important part of being an active, recognised member of the Association.

Finding CPE Activities

I find it difficult to attend AAMT CPE Events - what else can I do to complete my CPE requirement?

As an active member of AAMT we believe you are doing CPE all the time! Reading journals to keep yourself informed of updates in the industry, attending clinic or staff meetings to remain up to date in your work place, reading books, volunteering some time at a community event, writing an article or publishing a book about massage all earn CPE points. Please see CPE Diary for ideas and allocation of points for CPE Activities. CPE Diary

Still not sure?

Contact AAMT Office on 1300 138 872 or email cpe@aamt.com.au

How do I find CPE Events?

It is the member's responsibility to find learning events that meet their needs. AAMT recommends you look in your region for learning opportunities that may be available. You can also visit the Workshops section of the AAMT website to view upcoming events in all AAMT Divisions, as well as overseas. > Search Workshops
Notification of upcoming events is also sent monthly through the AAMT E-Newsletter to all members on email.

I have found a course that I am really interested in attending, but it's not an AAMT Approved Course - can I still earn CPE points?

Yes. All courses that increase your learning that are related to either massage or building your business will earn CPE points. Please allocate 5 points for activities of 1-3 hours duration, 10 points for 4-8 hours and 20 points for 2+ days duration.

CPE Administration

Who decides the topics, venues and presenters for AAMT CPE Events?

The AAMT Division Committees.

Why do we have to complete CPE?

Currently the massage industry is experiencing a tremendous growth period as awareness of the benefits of massage therapy increases across the community. Community expectations of complementary health practitioners reflect the need for professional knowledge and skills to be continually upgraded to ensure that the contribution they make to a client's wellbeing is of the highest standard. Health Funds also have an ongoing education requirement for recognition as a provider and therefore rebates for clients. And lastly by continuing to update your education, knowledge and skills this demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and competency that ensures you will remain an informed and confident member of AAMT.

How does AAMT know that I am doing what I say I am doing for CPE?

CPE is based on an honesty and professional integrity system. Please keep invoices, receipts, registration forms etc on file in case of random auditing by Health Funds and/or AAMT Office.

Are CPE activities tax deductible?


Why doesn't AAMT Office issue Certificates of Attendance for events?

AAMT CPE Events are often designed either to give you an introduction to a modality or act as a refresher to previous massage studies, unless otherwise stated. Further education with a provider is usually required before a Certificate can be issued.

How do I register for an event?

For an Approved Provider Event please contact the Approved Provider directly.

For AAMT Events, you can register on line by finding the event on the AAMT website and clicking on Register for this Event or email info@aamt.com.au requesting a hard copy/pdf application form.