COVID-19 Advice and Assistance for Members

The following may aid you in managing your circumstances during COVID-19.

Should I stop providing services?

Only you can make decisions about whether you continue to practice when you are not directed by your state or territory Health Department.

Queensland Health has released a new directive, Non-essential business, activity and undertaking Closure Direction (No.2)

Massage not to operate unless Health services provided by health practitioners registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, with social distancing observed to the extent possible.

As a professional therapist you have a responsibility to yourself and community to make an informed decision and abide by the recommendations of the health experts. Respond to the advice of authorities accordingly.

Remedial massage and myotherapy are not registered health practices and hence are not considered an Allied Health or medical service under the relevant legislation regardless of how you practice.

Where can I get advice from the experts?

The advice provided by Government is updated regularly.

Your respective state and territory governments are an important source of information for measures appropriate to your state:

Australian Government

State Government

What financial assistance is available?

Information about the Federal Assistance packages is available through the following links:

ATO – Assistance for small business includes:

Centrelink – Income support for individuals

Money Smart financial support

What is your Association doing?

As you will appreciate, the virus has implications for how the office is managed and staffed. We are working though this and apologise for any delays in responding to your queries.

As we are all aware, the situation is changing daily.

Correspondingly, containment measures by the state and federal governments are being updated in response to changing levels and rates of infection.

We will continue to provide updates relevant to massage therapists and myotherapists as more information comes to hand.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia has recorded the following advice, by Dr Norman Swan to assist you in making an informed decision.

Your Association is actively working on strategies to support and provide membership options for therapists. This includes the following areas:

  • membership renewal
  • access to online content via HALO and Massage & Myotherapy Australia Webinars
  • private health insurance contingencies
  • preserving currency of membership eligibility for HF and membership requirements for when you return to practice
  • First Aid and CPE but at this stage it is at the health funds discretion to accept this standard. We continue to discuss
  • Free online CPE

What can I do?

We all tend to focus on trying to change or fix immediate problems.

This can be frustrating when many of the problems are caused by events that are out of our control.

Please try and remember that COVID-19 will end, even if you have taken the advice of authorities, and made the difficult decision to self-isolate.

While taking steps to deal with your immediate situation, it is important to note that how you choose to respond will determine how well your practice recovers when it does.

Your practice is more than just the sum of your clients.

It includes the relationships, good will and trust you have built, and the skills and resources you have acquired to practice. These will not be lost.

If you are unable to continue practicing there are many things you can do to help ensure you are well placed to continue when the crisis ends.

Considering how you might contact your clients, to monitor those who have more significant or chronic conditions, providing appropriate self-help advice, or preparing awareness communications for distribution later, can help to encourage clients to return to your practice.

By also taking steps to improve your practice from a simple clean-up or getting on with that planned reorganisation; to undertaking further training in an area that has interested you; or even initiating Certification to a Specialist will help you feel more positive and that you are dealing productively with your situation.

What can your Association provide to assist you?

The association can provide you access to a range of different utilities to assist during this period.

Infinite Rewards

Massage & Myotherapy Australia provides members access to hundreds of discounts from online stores. Check out Member Benefits under membership tools to log into Infinite Rewards. Currently, you have discounts to home goods, auto repair, and entertainment.

Online Learning

You can take the opportunity to update your CPE Points, through the Online Learning platform which provides access to over 40 discounted short online courses.

You are also eligible to claim CPE Points for completing HALO courses. For more information visit >


Webinars are live online seminars, which you can register for and view live or as a recording for a month post event.

Additional List of Resources

Beyond Blue

Support for those dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

National Coronavirus Helpline

A 24-hour a day number to call for COVID-19 questions/concerns.

Fair Work Ombudsman

If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed from work.

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