An Important Message from your Association in the Wake of the Prime Minister's Recent Announcements

As promised, the Board of Massage & Myotherapy Australia has committed to keeping the membership informed of changes as directed by the Government.

As the environment in which we live and practice is changing rapidly, all non-essential contact services of more than 30 minutes is to cease as of midnight today the 25th March 2020. Every member will hold a contrasting view of what is essential and what is a health service, be guided by your State and Territory Health Departments. It may depend where you work, from home, a mall, a gym or wellness centre, there is no singular rule at this time.

Now is the time to ask yourself if you can realistically assess; treat and reassess; record and reschedule as an ethical practice within 30 minutes. Regardless of your view, or ours, on essential or health related service as stated in the Prime Minister's address, the cancellations in themselves will make business difficult to continue.

The Association understands that the Governments directive has not been particularly clear. However, in some cases, if your business provides an essential health service, consider your practice in your decision. The health service provided to your clients cannot be underestimated now or in the future.

To review the Prime Minister’s press release, please click here.

The Association understands the financial strain this forces on members, for more information on Government support, please click here.

The Association is here to guide you through this tough situation. We remain, running a skeleton staff, to provide information and some limited services. We have the resources to return to full capacity and business within days of this current threat passing. Currently we are working to ensure members status is preserved.

We are all uncertain and ask that you retain your empathy and kindness toward each other, clients and us. There is a person on the other end of the screen or phone that is sharing many of your emotions in this incredibly difficult time.

The Association thanks you for your continued support.


Andrew Gallagher (President) and Tricia Hughes (CEO).

Video Update from Massage & Myotherapy Australia President Andrew Gallagher

Massage & Myotherapy Australia President Andrew Gallagher updates members regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and addresses some common member questions.

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