Correction of Joint Mechanics and Connective Tissue dysfunction for the Neck and Shoulder Complex

17th Nov 2019
9:30AM - 4:30PM
Gold Coast
To be advised GOLD COAST MC QLD 4217

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This workshop continues in the line of the ‘Non Manipulative Structural Correction’ series.

Content includes an over-view of bony landmarks and assessment techniques to accurately determine dysfunctional joint patterns in passive and active functional movements.

The therapist will be shown easy to use assessment and structural mobilisation and correction techniques for the Cervical spine, Sub Occipital region, Clavicular and Glenohumeral joints. This will give the therapist an understanding of 'normal' arthro-kinematics and the ability to correct many common conditions that can be the root cause of musculo-skeletal pain and postural syndromes. To compliment these corrections a comprehensive range of myofascial and connective tissue release techniques are included to ensure the musculature, joints and structure are able to realise its new functional potential.

These gentle corrections can be used for a range of conditions from postural dysfunction to sporting injuries and are suitable for treating children to the elderly and the elite athlete. There will be some orthopaedic testing involved and discussion to disprove some long held popular beliefs about joint alignment.

Ref: EVE-101-P0000348-4