Simplifying the Knee and Ankle

26th May 2023
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Grand Millennium Auckland
71 Mayoral Drive, Cnr Vincent Street, Auckland New Zealand 1010

Registration cost: $185.00

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In this very special knee and ankle pre-conference workshop, you will learn practical and effective approaches for identifying and treating the cause of many chronic ankle and knee pain problems. The corrective manual therapy approach combines pain-free soft tissue work with gentle and effective joint mobilisation routines that positively influence the brain's sensory receptor system. By down-regulating noxious input to the central nervous system, the client experiences less protective muscle guarding, enhanced pain relief and quicker results. Aubrey will provide participants with an ’easy to grasp’ formula for assessing and treating common conditions such as meniscus issues, simple tendon and ligament pain, muscle imbalance patterns and talar dysfunction.

About the presenter 

Aubrey is the author of three books, including the newly released 'Myoskeletal & Sports Therapy - for the upper body'. With 33 years clinical experience and 28 years teaching experience, Aubrey brings a high standard of professionalism and considerable expertise to every training program he delivers. His seamless integration of multimedia technologies into his live presentations is a standout feature that makes for impactful learning and a truly memorable experience! In addition to his international seminars throughout Europe, Australia and Asia, Aubrey is a college director at Holistic College Dublin and served three terms as President of the Irish Massage Therapists Association. He is a senior myoskeletal instructor for the Freedom from Pain Institute, a registered International Training & Education Counsel, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork accredited instructor in the US and Massage & Myotherapy Australia approved educator in Australia.

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