Sitting and Poor Posture

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The 50-minute webcast begins with some theory as a review of, and reference to, Janda's upper and lower cross syndrome. Dr Braeden Melmer identifies conditions associated with poor posture and points out what a sedentary life may create.

Braeden then takes you through a treatment protocol starting with the upper body. His practical demonstrations are easy to follow and are provided with a clear explanation. Braeden also addresses Functional Movement Screening (FMS) which is another assessment tool used to determine 'why you need to treat, what areas you need to treat and how or what modalities you can use to treat.

Braeden has a background in sports as a Chiropractor. His discussion and treatments in this webcast are relevant to massage and myotherapists and can be applied to less active members of the public. The fact that he opens this webcast with a case study synopsis of a lawyer-client who works long hours and as a subsequence is less active is a testament to that.


10 CPE Points