Pain Revolution seeking appropriately qualified therapists in rural NSW to join their Local Pain Educator program

Are you passionate about understanding and managing pain? Pain Revolution are looking for appropriately qualified therapists to become a Local Pain Educator (LPE).

Who are they looking for?
GPs, Pharmacists, Nurses and bachelor qualified health professionals in rural and regional Healthy North Coast New South Wales, passionate about revolutionising pain care in their communities.

Note for Applicants outside Healthy North Coast NSW
Applicants outside Healthy North Coast NSW are encouraged to apply as there are a limited number of scholarships available for the right candidate.

What is an LPE?
An LPE is a dedicated health professional with a keen interest in persistent pain. Through a comprehensive two-year training program with Pain Revolution, LPEs become experts in pain science and education, equipped to make a real difference in their communities.

Why become an LPE?
Research underscores the critical need for enhanced pain understanding and management, a gap that LPEs fill with their specialised training. By joining the LPE program, you'll contribute to a national effort to improve pain care, supported by a network of dedicated experts.

What does the program offer?

  • Professional Certificate in Pain Science & Education delivered
    online by the University of South Australia
  • Skill-building workshops and a 12-month mentorship program
  • Resources and support to establish and deliver Local Pain Collectives (LPCs) within communities
  • Access to a national network for ongoing learning and collaboration

Your Commitment:

  • A two-year commitment to the Pain Revolution
  • Completion of program requirements, including training, network activities, and community events
  • Potential return of service obligation and continued employment in specified regions

Applications close on 31 March 2024
One successful member will be provided financial support from Massage & Myotherapy Australia. For information regarding financial support please contact Massage & Myotherapy Australia at

Ready to make a difference?
For inquiries about the LPE program, contact or visit If you are interested in applying click here.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a transformative movement in pain education and management!

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